As well as being long-standing members of our industry’s recognised trade association the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI), we are one of only a handful of companies who are “GuildMark” members of the GAI.  “GuildMark” is a RIBA endorsed accreditation created by the GAI which enables the architectural ironmonger to demonstrate proficiency and professionalism in their work.  It recognises companies that meet the very highest industry standards for quality.  Built on the principles of the RIBA’s own continuous professional development requirements, “GuildMark” places a number of important stipulations on its members to ensure that only the most proficient and professional AI practitioners can join and retain membership.

For further information on GuildMark please view the pdf here.

John Planck - Architectural Hardware
Individually, our staff undertake their training and qualification programme through the GAI’s education scheme with the aim of becoming a diploma holder and achieving the “DipGAI” qualification. Once attained, the Registered Architectural Ironmonger (RegAI) scheme operated through the Guild’s Continuing Professional Development programme ensures our knowledge is of the latest standards and requirements.>

For further information on the GAI’s education programme please click here.

A selection of our GAI qualification certificates
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