Since 1991 when John Planck founded the company, the expertise primarily focussed on the specification, scheduling, and supply of architectural ironmongery. The scheduling of architectural ironmongery is a complex, challenging and often time-consuming task.  Our team of experts is fully qualified in providing solutions from heritage, modern to bespoke projects, complying with all the relevant building regulations and standards.  We have invested in a unique software package to provide you with the most advanced scheduling system in the industry that gives you an ‘at a glance’ schedule with all the information in an easy to use format.  Utilising icons and images, the system also enables a simplified ordering process as well as a seamless sourcing, packing, and delivery operation.  On this page, you can see an example of how our scheduling system looks with the differing formats available.

We are proud to provide specifications for the architectural hardware to your buildings.  The process outlined below generally begins with a conversation regarding the project concerned.  We then suggest having a face to face meeting to go through the project in more detail, with the plans and door schedule available to commence the decision making and content creation.  This can be on site or in your offices.  We then produce the fully detailed ironmongery schedule and specification for every product on every door.  Any amendments due to the projects’ needs are then established, should they be required, discussed accordingly and the schedule reproduced to your satisfaction.

John Planck - Architectural Hardware

Today, this still remains at the forefront of our daily operations, however, in staying ahead in our field, we have also diversified to include other elements required within the construction industry.  The products and services we are able to provide include:

John Planck - Architectural Hardware - Technical
An example of a HiQ schedule summary
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