Flowcontrol Pedestrian Counting System

NEW! COVID-19 safe automatic door control for retail and public buildings where social distancing is required

The Flowcontrol System

Flowcontrol is a people counting solution that uses a visual traffic light system and people counting technology linked to the automatic door operators on store entrances. It counts the customers coming in and out of the building and automatically closes the door for entry once the pre-determined capacity has been reached. And it can be retro-fitted to all models of automatic door operators with suitably connected radars, saving time and money.

Key features and benefits

  • Clear LED visual indicators
  • Can be de-activated 
  • Fire escape provision is not affected
  • System can be configured

Equipment Kit

The system includes highly visible LED strips that are placed on the frames of the door to clearly indicate entry status, GREEN for enter or RED for wait.

Information posters are also supplied to be attached to adjacent windows/walls or sandwich boards explaining how to use the system.


Basic Flowcontrol Kit

  • Standalone counting system with automatic entry door deactivation at occupancy limit
  • 1x Counting sensor
  • 1x Control unit BDE with display to modify: – actual people count (+/-), reset counter – set max. allowed people count
  • 2x LED strips to signal entrance status green/red
  • 1x Electronics box incl. power supply
  • Can be installed in 2 to 4 hours

Additional Options

Flowcontrol additional sensor:

  • Counting sensor for an additional entry/exit door (multiple door setup)
  • Can be installed in 1 hour

Flowcontrol 2x LED strips:

  • Additional LED strips for multiple entry door signal
  • Can be installed in 1 hour

Sensor Detection

Due to the counting technology used, the width and height dimensions of the sensor’s field of detection need to be observed.

Instances where the full opening width of the existing application exceeds the recommended minimum height available, the “Winter mode” of the operator should be used to restrict traffic flow. This will balance the necessary height and width detection ratio and offer 100% coverage of the threshold area (affects sliding door applications only).

Entrance & Exit System

Where generally we are ‘single person’ shopping whenever possible, so any entrance/exit width restrictions should not impede traffic flow through the doors.

In the instance of emergency access, the doors will default to the maximum opening width if they are linked to the building’s fire alarm or Building Management System.

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