We are reliant on our supply chain for products and materials with regards to the products we supply to our customers and with the upcoming Brexit deadline getting ever-closer with a ‘no-deal’ looking increasingly likely, we all find ourselves in a position where we are unsure as to the outcome and what exactly it will mean for imports and exports into and out of the UK.

Whilst we are working closely with our suppliers as much as possible, they are all different in some way so unfortunately there is not a clear and defined procedure in place that covers all.  Some are increasing their stock holding in the run-up to the deadline to try and cover off any potential delays with products and/or raw materials crossing the channel, whereas others are very much sitting tight to see what happens.

We too are increasing our stock holding of certain key lines and whilst we are confident that any disruption will be at a minimum, we are aware that we may experience delays and almost certainly if there are tariff and duty changes, price increases after the deadline, which are unfortunately beyond our control.  We shall, of course, keep our customers notified of any such delays and/or increases as soon as they become known.

We would like to take this opportunity of thanking our customers for their understanding of what are going to be changing times and assure you of our best attention and intentions throughout and beyond.