5 Lever Handle Collection for 2019

Lever handles are manufactured in a large range of designs, sizes & finishes. If you know what you are looking for or browsing for inspiration, here is a summary of..

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Door Hardware. What’s on Trend 2019.

St Andrews House door hardware

To offer your clients the latest trends in door hardware, take a look at what’s in style. Enduring Black Black complements almost any door and can add a simple yet..

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Fire door Checklist

Fire Safety

Correctly installing a fire door is crucial to its effectiveness. Any deviation from the manufactured and supplied certified door, be it trimming the door in any way, or maybe putting..

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Partner Spotlight: Fusital

Today we are excited to shine a light on our partners at Fusital, who bring elegance and sophistication to the most innovative door and window designs. Part of Italy’s well-renowned..

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Celebrating the past, looking to the future

John Planck

On Friday 15th July, we were delighted to be joined by employees past and present, customers and suppliers as we celebrated surpassing 25 years of successful trading. Hosted at our ‘home’,..

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