We are super excited to celebrate another member of our team, Hollie, who gained a Certificate in Architectural Hardware. Despite the focus on digital transformation in every industry, the skills of making and creating tangible artifacts still hold immense value.This is why Hollie’s achievement is so special.

This marks the culmination of 2 years of hard work, learning and understanding the intrinsic nature of Architectural Ironmongery. It gives Hollie an excellent foundation of industry knowledge.

“I am very pleased to have achieved my certificate in architectural hardware… 2 years of hard graft… I can’t wait for the next stage!” Hollie

Our work often requires highly skilled craftsmanship and intricate detailing, and we make it a priority for our business to ensure our team gets the best training available. Digital technology is here to stay, and at John Planck, we combine traditional skills with modern methods. This ensures that our products represent the designer’s vision whilst standing the test of time.  

Hollie’s achievements follow other members of the John Planck team who have successfully gained their certification with GAI (Guild of Architectural Ironmongers).

“I am delighted for Hollie–it is a wonderful achievement which gives her an excellent basis of knowledge in the industry.”  Tom Planck

If you have an existing project, or you are in need of inspiration, our team of qualified architectural ironmongers would be delighted to help you. Call us.