Case Study

Caring Wood House

Location: Kent

Caring Wood House

Caring Wood House is a significant 1600m2 new build single residence set in the heart of the Kent countryside inspired by traditional Kentish Oast houses. The project won RIBA House of the Year 2017 and the designers were commended for their beautiful manipulation of space and attention to detail.


Caring Wood House
Caring Wood House

The process

We worked together with a number of architects and drawings detailing the different requirements including door details as well as the numerous staircases in the house, where in particular we designed and manufactured purpose-made brackets and hand-railings for installation.  We also produced a bespoke fixing pillar made from stainless steel for the entrance handles.  This had to match up exactly with the timber door panelling sections that were used as the projecting cladding on the external face of the perimeter/entrance doors so they sat flush within this detail. 

Code Level 6, PPS7 development

The Caring Wood House is ground-breaking in its use of materials and methods of construction. The development is built to Code Level 6, which renders this one of the most ambitious dwellings ever built in the UK. The aim was to get as close to carbon neutral as possible.  It also falls under PPS7, the regulation that allows construction in rural areas/green belts for new houses of exceptional design quality and sustainability.  

Bespoke, Nordic inspired hardware design 


  • All lever handles inspired by a classic Nordic design throughout
  • Bespoke pull handles to all external perimeter doors based on a Chestnut Timber grip to complement the timber cladding and doors 
  • Bespoke spigot to seamlessly align with the door panel detail 
  • Bespoke pivots to all concealed doors 
  • Bespoke design pull handles to all concealed cupboard doors  
  • Bespoke handrail brackets designed and manufactured to suit a Chestnut Timber grip

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