Case Study

South Borough Primary School, Maidstone, Kent

Location: Kent

Power-assisted Automated Door Closers

One of their pupils uses a wheelchair to manoeuvre around the school buildings and grounds; a solution was required to allow independent and easy access through the new entrance doors, whilst also needing to be compliant with DDA Regulations and current Building Regulations.

John Planck Limited offered the perfect solution; both main entrance and secondary entrance doors were fitted with DFA127 fully automatic swing door operators c/w monitored door mounted safety sensors, roller blind finger protection, and mandatory signage.  The main entrance door was also fitted with bespoke RAL finished glazed safety barrier for compliance with BSEN16005 to eliminate the risk of someone walking into the door when opened.  There was no requirement for a safety barrier to the secondary entrance door as there is a parapet wall adjacent to one side of the entrance to open parallel against.

The doors are triggered open with a handheld RF transmitter which limits the use of the doors to specific pupils and teaching staff.  The doors were also programmed with the assist mode that helps make the doors easier to open when used manually.

The design team is delighted with the outcome, we have provided entrance doors that are automatically operated by handheld transmitters by chosen users; be it wheelchair users or others authorised by the school management as and when required.  The handheld transmitters are equipped with two switches; one to operate the main entrance door and the second to operate the secondary door, this facility is welcomed as the two entrance doors are within close proximity, thus avoiding accidentally opening the wrong door in error.

The School Management confirmed the wheelchair user is fully confident and independent access to the new teaching block thanks to the power-assisted door furniture fitted as described above.  All other users open the doors in the traditional manner by using the pull handles/push plates. Resulting in less wear and tear on the mechanical elements fitted to the doors.

The new entrance doors passed the Client DDA Audit and Building Control signed off the doors as being compliant.  The main contractor was pleased with the service received from John Planck Limited to supply and install the automatic swing door operators.

“I personally was impressed with the recommendations, materials, equipment, and installation achieved by John Planck Limited.”

Tony Lee (Senior Clerk of Works – Kier)