Case Study

St Andrew’s House

Location: London

Holborn, London

This outstanding property in Holborn, London occupies a prominent position on the west side of St Andrews Street.  Following the comprehensive refurbishment of an existing 1980’s building, the property now provides 58,000 sq ft of Grade A office space. It’s located near Fleet Street in the City in an area of prestigious new office developments.

The brief was to create “flexible office space behind a new façade upgraded to provide a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’.”

In terms of the ironmongery specification, we were tasked to provide a matt black finish throughout in which a 20% gloss was specified. While 30% gloss is standard, the client tasked us with achieving a matt finish whilst maintaining the necessary durability for a commercial project.

The brief was to specify functional, minimalist ironmongery to achieve a clean, crisp modern appearance creating a striking contrast with the factory finished White doors.

In order to achieve this, we specified concealed hinges and concealed overhead door closers throughout. The fire signage was also custom manufactured and installed to the leading edge of the doors throughout the scheme where applicable. The architect wanted to incorporate the alignment of the pull handle and push plates with the vision panel, to do this both the width and height of the plates were manufactured to align and coordinate with the vision panels within the doors.

We delivered bespoke pull handles using both traditional and modern processes to cut the material to a custom length to ensure the precision alignment of the vision panel with the doors.

The push and kick plates have been let into the face of the door. We, therefore, laser cut all plates to the project which allows for a tolerance of <0.1mm, ensuring the plates sit perfectly flush with the surface of the door.

Whilst the aesthetics were an important part of the brief, it was equally paramount to the client that all products were supported by lengthy guarantees and fit-for-purpose in line with the latest regulations and fire requirements.

For this project, choice of products was critical – the concealed hinges we installed are supported by a lifetime guarantee, while the concealed door closers, locks, lever furniture and pull handles are all supported by a 25-year performance guarantee.