FROST LEVER HANDLES Reference: A1007SSGO Reference: A1007SSC Reference: A1007SSBL Reference: A1007SSB Reference: A1007SP Reference: A1007SGO Reference: A1007SC Reference: A1007SBL Reference: A1007SSP Reference: A1007SB Reference: A1008SB Reference: A1008SC Reference: A1008SSBL Reference:..
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John Planck - Architectural Hardware - Bespoke
BESPOKE LEVER HANDLES Bespoke Lever Handle Return to Lever Handles Index
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TRADITIONAL LEVER HANDLES Reference: AM1501 Reference: AM1502 Reference: AM1503 Reference: AM1504 Reference: AM1505 Reference: AM1506 Reference: AM1507 Reference: AM1508 Reference: AM1509 Reference: AM1510 Reference: AM1530 Reference: AM1531 Reference: AM1532 Reference:..
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MODERN LEVER HANDLES Reference: MG7610 Reference: MG7630 Reference: MG7609 Reference: MG9931 Reference: MG9970 Reference: MG7603 Reference: MG7606 Reference: AM1410 Reference: AM1009 Reference: AM1008 Reference: AM1016 Reference: AM1425 Reference: AM1411 Reference:..
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FUSITAL RANGE The Fusital range is a collection of innovative and unique designer handles and matching accessories brought together from creations by world-famous designers and architects that are manufactured using..
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FUSION LEVER HANDLES Reference: A0019 Reference: A0119 Reference: A0200 Reference: A0300 Reference: A0400 Reference: A0519 Reference: A0619 Reference: A0719 Reference: A0900 Reference: A1000 Reference: A1100 Reference: A1510 Reference: A1520 Reference:..
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John Planck To Exhibit At 100% Design

100% Design

John Planck is delighted to be exhibiting at the UK’s largest trade event ‘100% Design’ for architects and designers. We’ll be representing one of our fantastic suppliers, FROST, a Danish..

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